Philosophy of our business:


Do you like this slogan?

You will get many information from us, absolutely high spirits and a lot of fun for everyone,

  • who is willing to take responsibility for self-employment
  • who feel sorry for doing the same every single day
  • who want to be financially independent
  • who appreciate having flexible hours of work
  • who want to push on the career in an awesome environment
  • who want to finally accomplish dreams and objectives!

About our benefits:


  • Start in professional life
  • Set-up self-employment
  • Professional re-orientation
  • Buildup a second source of income for self-employed workers from any line of business
  • Sustainable carrer development
  • Change process both privately and professionally
  • Find your dream job and accomplish your individual dreams!

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Klauser Business Consulting

Tatiana & Jürgen Klauser
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